PSC Services
The PSC is the primary training clinic for the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Manitoba. All work is done by graduate student clinicians who are supervised by registered psychologists. These supervisors are ultimately responsible for the work that is done. Students at the PSC are also involved in advanced coursework and psychological research projects necessary to complete their doctorates in clinical psychology. No fees are charged at the PSC and the cost of operating the PSC is funded by the University of Manitoba.
During the regular academic session from September to April, the Psychological Service Centre maintains a waiting list of individuals, children/adolescents and a limited amount of couples/families seeking therapy or assessment services. Services are also sometimes available from May to August. Please call 204-474-9222 for information regarding what services are currently available.

Services Available:

Adult Therapy and Assessments

Child/Adolescent Therapy and Assessments

Family/Couple Therapy

Group Therapy: Overcoming Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postpartum Group
(Our next group is scheduled for Fall of 2019. We will begin accepting referrals for that group in the spring of 2019)

Learning Disability Services Clinic for University of Manitoba Students