Terry Janzen

    BEd Saskatchewan
    MA Manitoba
    PhD New Mexico

Curriculum Vitae  link to PDF

Research Interests
ASL morphology and syntax, grammaticization, discourse pragmatics, ASL/English interpretation; ASL, signed languages

 Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Russell, Kevin, Erin Wilkinson and Terry Janzen. 2011. ASL sign lowering as undershoot: A corpus study. Laboratory Phonology 2:2, 403-422.

Janzen, Terry. 2004. Space Rotation, Perspective Shift, and Verb Morphology in ASL. Cognitive Linguistics, 15:2, 149-174.

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Janzen, Terry. 1999. The grammaticization of topics in American Sign Language. Studies in Language, 23:2, 271-306.

Janzen, Terry. 1997. Pragmatic and syntactic features of topics in American Sign Language, Meta, XLII (3): 502-514.

Peer-reviewed book chapters:

Janzen, Terry. 2013. The impact of linguistic theory on interpretation research methodology. In Elizabeth A. Winston and Christine Monikowski (Eds.), Evolving Paradigms in Interpreting Education. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press. 87-118.

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Janzen, Terry. 2012. Two ways of conceptualizing space: Motivating the use of static and rotated vantage point space in ASL discourse. In Barbara Dancygier and Eve Sweetser (Eds.), Viewpoint in Language: A Multimodal Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 156-174.

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Janzen, Terry, and Barbara Shaffer. 2008. Intersubjectivity in interpreted interactions: The interpreter’s role in co-constructing meaning. In Jordan Zlatev, Timothy Racine, Chris Sinha and Esa Itkonen (Eds.), The Shared Mind: Perspectives on Intersubjectivity. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 333-355.

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Janzen, Terry, and Barbara Shaffer. 2002. Gesture as the Substrate in the Process of ASL Grammaticization. In Richard P. Meier, Kearsy Cormier, and David Quinto-Pozos (Eds.), Modality and Structure in Signed and Spoken Languages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 199-223.

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Janzen, Terry. 2005. Perspective Shift Reflected in the Signer’s Use of Space. CDS/CLCS Monograph Number 1, Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Dublin Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Edited Volumes:

Janzen, Terry (Ed.). 2005. Topics in Signed Language Interpreting: Theory and Practice. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. [Soft cover edition printed 2008]