2021 University Language Contest

“How can Languages bring the world together?”

From environmental disasters to a pandemic, many human challenges are global and demand worldwide united action. How can Languages bring the world together?


1st PlaceCatherine Duffy                                         Prize $350
As a Czech proverb goes: Learn a new language and get a new soul.”

2nd Place - Abdulhamid Alsheikh Omar
                  Prize $250
Language is our shelter because it contains our meaning. In language, we find refuge and we seek shelter. When we use words such as «Thank you» and «Sorry», we keep the roof above our head from falling.
And, when we use the wrong language, we destroy our chance of peace.”

3rd Place - Jasandeep Grewal
                                    Prize $100
The neighbors I never knew I had, reason being their language, different than mine. What's there to lose, I'll go talk (…) The divide of the cultures, but the unite of what we speak. The language we made, the language we keep