Language Lab Etiquette

In order to make the Language Lab as productive a study environment as possible we ask you please abide by the following rules.

  • Please work as quietly as possible and keep conversation to a minimum especially when entering and leaving the lab.
  • Please DO NOT bring any food or drinks into the lab. Liquids and crumbs can destroy keyboards etc. Please leave any such items on the table by the door.
  • Please DO NOT use cell phones in the lab.
  • Please do not change the computer settings or icons.
  • Please treat the computers (especially the headsets) gently and with respect.
  • Please DO NOT use the lab to read email, "surf" the web, work on term papers etc. The Language Lab facilities are provided solely for the purpose of language learning. Please use one of the many campus Academic Computer Labs for other activities.
  • Please do not connect any personal equipment (other than headsets) to the computers.
  • Please report any problems, malfuctions or inappropriate use of the facilities to the staff.

Thanks you for your cooperation.