Julie Guard

Ph.D., 1994, University of Toronto/OISE
M.E.S., 1987, York University
B.A., 1978, University of Western Ontario

Research Interests:

Canadian labour history, social movement history, history of dissent and repression, history of the Canadian left, women's history, consumer and food history

Teaching Areas:

Canadian labour history, Canadian social history, public policy on labour issues, labour unions and labour relations, sweatshops and anti-sweatshop movements


2019  Radical Housewives: Price Wars and Food Politics in Mid-Twentieth Century Canada. University of Toronto Press.

Edited Books:

2009  with Wayne Antony. Bankruptcies and Bailouts, Halifax and Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.

Articles in Journals:

2012  with D'Arcy Martin, Laurie McGauley, Mercedes Steedman, and Jorge Garcia-Orgales.  "Art as Activism:  Empowering Workers and Reviving Unions through Popular Theatre."  Labor Studies Journal volume 37 issue 2 (June):  163-182.  DO1 10.1177/0160449X11431895

2010 "A Mighty Power against the Cost of Living:  Canadian Housewives Organize in the 1930s."  International Labor and Working-Class History  (spring), vol. 77, no.  1:  27-47.

2007   with Mercedes Steedman and Jorge Garcia-Orgales. “Organizing the Electronic Sweatshop: Rank-and-File Participation in Canada’s Steel Union,” LABOR: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, volume 4, issue 3 (fall): 9-31.

2004  "Making the Scholarship Political: Ruth Roach Pierson’s Feminist Pedagogy.” Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal, special issue two: 68-71.

2004  “Authenticity on the Line: Women Workers, Native ‘Scabs,’ and the Multi-Ethnic Politics of Identity in a Left-led Strike in Cold War Canada.” Journal of Women's History, special issue on Women's Labors, vol. 15 no. 4 (winter): 117-140.

1996. "Fair Play or Fair Pay? Gender Relations, Class Consciousness, and Union Solidarity in the Canadian UE, 1949 to 1955." Labour/le travail 37 (Spring): 149-177. (awarded Hilda Neatby Prize, 1997).

Chapters in Books:

2020   “Austerity Politics and Anti-Union Animus: Organized Labour in the Pandemic.” In COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy Responses to the First Wave. 62-71. Andrea Rounce  and Karine Levasseur, eds. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press.

2017   "Canada's Citizen Housewives: Cold War Anticommunism and the Limits of Maternalism." In Shopping for Change: Consumer Activism in North American History, edited by Louis Hyman and Joseph Tohill,. Cornell University Press and Between the Lines.

2016    "The Politics of Milk: Canadian Housewives Organize in the 1930s." In Rethinking Canada: The Promise of Women's History, 7th edition, edited by Adele Perry, Tamara Myers, and Lara Campbell. Oxford University Press (Canada).

2016    "Canadian Citizens or Dangerous Foreign Women: Canada's Radical Consumer Movement, 1947-1950." In Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Women in Canadian History 2nd edition, edited by Marlene Epp and Franca Lacovetta. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

2012    "The Politics of Milk:  Canadian Housewives Organize in the 1930s."  In Edible Histories, Cultural Politics:  Towards a Canadian Food History.  Eds. Franca Iacovetta, Valerie j. Korinek and Marlene Epp.  University of Toronto Press:  271-85.

2007   “Can Call Centres Contribute to Manitoba’s Community Economic Development?”   John Loxley, Jim Silver and Kathleen Sexsmith, eds. Doing Community Economic Development. Halifax and Winnipeg: Fernwood/Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 123-135.

2006   with Jorge Garcia-Orgales, Mercedes Steedman, and D’Arcy Martin. "Organizing Call Centres: The Steelworkers' Experience." In Pradeep Kumar and Christopher Schenk, eds. Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences.  Toronto: Broadview Press: 277-292.

2004  "Canadian Citizens or Dangerous Foreign Women? Canada's Radical Consumer Movement, 1947-1950." In Marlene Epp, Franca Iacovetta and Frances Swyripa, eds., Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press: 161-189.

2000  "Women Worth Watching: Radical Housewives in Cold War Canada." In D. Buse, G. Kinsman, and M. Steedman, eds., Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies. Toronto: Between the Lines: 73-88.

1996  “Womanly Innocence and Manly Self-Respect: Gendered Challenges to Labour’s Postwar Compromise.” In Cy Gonick, Paul Phillips, and Jesse Vorst, eds., Labour Gains, Labour Pains: Fifty Years of PC 1003.  Winnipeg: Society for Socialist Studies: 119-137.

1990  "Dealing with Difference: Power in the New Feminist Historiography." In S. Kirby, D. Daniels, K. McKenna, and M. Pujol, eds., Women Change the Academy/Les femmes changeant l'academie: The Proceedings of the 1990 CWSA Conference.  Winnipeg, Manitoba: Sororal Publishing: 135-141.

Electronic Publications:

with Rachel Gotthilf, Rachel Heinrichs, Brian Latour, Kyle Mytruk, Kim Parry, Chris Rigaux and Zachery Saltis. “Fastfacts: Where Does the Money Go? University of Manitoba Senior Administrators Get Big Pay Hikes But Faculty and Staff Morale Remains Low.” 25 October 2007. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. http://www.policyalternatives.ca/documents/Manitoba_Pubs/2007/FastFacts_Oct25_07_UM_Labour_Relations.pdf

“Training Unemployed Manitobans for Call Centres – A Good Public Investment?” 7 December 2006. Manitoba: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. http://www.policyalternatives.ca/documents/Manitoba_Pubs/2006/Training_Unemployed_Manitobans_For_Call_Centres.pdf

Manitoba’s Call Centre Explosion: A Preliminary Overview. 2003. Toronto: United Steelworkers Canada. http://www.uswa.ca/program/adminlinks/docs/call_guard.pdf