University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Labour Studies - David Camfield
David Camfield

PhD Social and Political Thought, York University, 2002
MA Social and Political Thought, York University, 1995
BA Political Science & Social and Political Thought, York University, 1994

Research Interests:

Contemporary Canadian Unions
Social Theory
Theory and Practice of Workers' Movements
Working Classes as Historical Formations
Racism, Sexism and Heterosexism
Social Movements
Work in Capitalist Societies


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LABR 1260 Working for a Living

LABR 1290 Introduction to the Canadian Labour Movement

LABR 2100 The Political Economy of Labour

LABR 3090 Globalization and Labour

LABR 3210 Working People in Hard Times

LABR 3400 Racism and Work

SOC 3370 Sociology of Work

Dr David Camfield