Information on Courses
What is there to take in Labour Studies?

We offer three degree options: a minor, a 3-year major and a 4-year advanced major.  We also offer a Diploma, or you can take courses on an occasional basis.

We also offer a Co-op Program that is a unique opportunity for students to get hands-on experience.

Our courses include:

  • introduction to the Canadian labour movement
  • working for a living
  • political economy of labour
  • workers, employers and the state
  • labour history: Canada and beyond 
  • labour law
  • labour and the bargaining process 
  • workplace health and safety
  • pensions and benefits
  • issues in occupational health and safety and workers' compensation 
  • globalization and labour
  • labour and community organizing
  • racism and work
  • working people in hard times
  • human rights at work
  • global sweatshops, global struggles
  • working-class and labour history
  • field placement: Senior students have an opportunity to combine theory with practice and conduct applied research in a practical workplace experience in a company, union, government office, non-government organization (NGO), or  social agency.

Our courses address the field of work from an interdisciplinary perspective: economics, management, history, political science, sociology, psychology, Native studies, women’s and gender studies and others. Many courses are optional: you can select from a range of options, tailoring your program to suit your own interests.