I. L. Peretz Folk School Yiddish Teaching Fellowship

The University of Manitoba welcomes Dr. Itay Binyamin Zutra, I. L. Peretz Folk School Yiddish Teaching Fellow.  During his two-year appointment, starting in July 2012, Dr. Zutra will teach Yiddish and develop appreciation and cultural awareness at two academic institutions in the city and in the Winnipeg community at large.  His work will strengthen the existing Yiddish cultural life in Winnipeg, including the activities of The Next Generation and Etz Chayim Yiddish Groups, the UNESCO-recognized Winnipeg Yiddish Women's Reading Circle, The Winnipeg Jewish Radio Hour, and the Mameloshen Festival.  Thus, this unique fellowship builds on the city of Winnipeg's tradition as a centre of Yiddish life and will contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Yiddish language and culture. 

Dr. Zutra will:

  • teach Yiddish and offer extracurricular Yiddish activities for high school students at the Gray Academy
  • develop and teach a second-year Yiddish course YDSH 2320 at the University of Manitoba (for students who have taken the existing first-year Yiddish course or studied Yiddish at the Gray Academy)
  • develop an integrated Yiddish language curriculum for the Gray Academy and University of Manitoba
  • engage with the Winnipeg community to promote Yiddish and create Yiddish events, programming, and learning opportunities.

The Judaic Studies Program at the University of Manitoba is pleased to offer this fellowship in cooperation with Winnipeg's Jewish high school, the Gray Academy of Jewish Education, and the I. L. Peretz Folk School Endowment Trust.


Dr. Itay B. Zutra


Listen to an interview with Dr. Zutra by Max Kohn of Paris for the Yiddish show on SBS Radio in Australia.
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Read "The Last Great Yiddish Modernist Poet," an article written by Dr. Zutra featured in The Jewish Daily Forward's, The Arty Semite.
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