Graduate Program

**Admission into the Master of Arts in Icelandic degree have been temporarily closed.

The Icelandic Department offers programs of study leading to the Master of Arts degree.  The aim of the program is to develop the students’ knowledge of modern and Old Icelandic language and literature and to train the students in methods of scholarship.  Students entering the program will normally be expected to have taken an undergraduate major program in Icelandic or its equivalent.  Those who do not meet these requirements may be required to take additional courses in preparation for their graduate work.  Students who have already done post-graduate work elsewhere, particularly while in residence in Iceland, will be given recognition.  A reading knowledge of a second language is required.  Requirements for the M.A. degree include a thesis and three graduate courses.

ICEL 7040 Advanced Icelandic (6)
Advanced Modern Icelandic usage through translation, practical exercises, and free composition.  Study of fictional and on-fictional texts.

ICEL 7050 Individual Modern Authors (6)
Icelandic literature in the 20th century.  Study of modern and contemporary Icelandic literature focusing on a major author.

ICEL 7060 Old Icelandic Prose (6)
Study of Old Norse-Icelandic sagas focusing on a specific genre or theme.

ICEL 7070 Old Icelandic Poetry (6)
Study of Old Norse-Icelandic poetry focusing on a specific genre or theme.

Financial Assistance

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship.  Students wishing to be considered for a University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship must submit a UMGF application with all required documentation by mid-January of each year.  Please contact the department for this year's deadline date.




Faculty of Graduate Studies Application Information:

The application fee for all applicants is $100. 

Apply online to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the Icelandic M.A. program.

A copy of a birth certificate or passport is now required of all applicants even if they have previously attended the University of Manitoba.