Research Clusters

Research Clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from different departments and disciplines with shared research interests. Research Clusters undertake activities related to the mandate of the Institute:

  • facilitating meaningful dialogue on and exploration of Humanities-related themes across disciplinary boundaries
  • fostering and promoting interdisciplinary research in the Humanities
  • demonstrating a willingness to seek external funding for collaborative research

Successful groups are awarded seed money which can be used towards the costs of meetings, photocopying, visiting speakers, and so on. As part of their activities, each group is required to plan at least one public event for the fall term and one for the winter term during the academic year. 

The Institute is pleased to support Research Clusters for 2021-2022:

Death as Transformative Experience

Graphic Narrative Beyond the Gutter 

Power and Resistance in Latin America Collective 

The Occupy Bartleby Collective