About the Institute

The University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities (UMIH) was established in 1990 to foster research and scholarship in the Humanities at the University of Manitoba, to promote cross-disciplinary research in the Humanities, and to help obtain external funding for Humanities research.

The Institute addresses the needs and interests of researchers in a broad range of subject including literature and languages, film and visual culture, philosophy, history and religion, and also the literary, philosophical, theological and historical aspects of the social and physical sciences, mathematics, the arts, and professional studies. It also supports an annual graduate fellowship worth up to $5000.

The UMIH also supports research clusters and research affiliates. The Institute is located within the Faculty of Arts but is intended to serve the entire Humanities constituency in the University and the general community. The Institute is accordingly committed to community outreach through programs and lecture series for the general public.

UMIH is involved in various interdisciplinary, humanities-themed research initiatives.