QPOC Winnipeg and UMIH, with support from MAWA, are pleased to announce ten (10) more microgrants worth $300 each to support creative projects on the topic of CARE during COVID-19.

We seek project proposals from students and community members that will explore the multiple dimensions of care, caring and being careful. This may include the (gendered and raced) labor of healthcare, the physical and/or emotional aspects of care, caring for or about a certain cause, or what it means to be careful in this moment of social distancing. For example: projects that center queer and critical race approaches will be prioritized.

CARE microgrants are aimed at providing swift support for small projects influenced by the humanities (literature, film, theatre, history, philosophy, fine arts, law, music, etc.).

Possible creative projects include:

  • A poem (or a collection of poems)
  • An essay (or a collection of essays)
  • A song
  • A brief drag performance
  • A brief stand-up comedy set
  • A photograph (or a collection of photographs)
  • A personally meaningful recipe and accompanying tutorial video
  • A painting, drawing, or cartoon
  • A sculpture, collage, short film, or multimedia project
  • Other creative ideas welcome

Projects must adhere to Manitoba social distancing guidelines.

Open to University of Manitoba students and all residents of Manitoba (Indigenous peoples, settlers, and visitors). QTBIPOC applicants are especially welcome.

Deadline for application: July 8, 2020

Application form

Announcement of recipients: July 15, 2020

Deadline for projects (to be showcased online via QPOC and UMIH): August 20, 2020

Queries: umih@umanitoba.ca

This is phase two of two phases of CARE microgrants.