Health Humanities Research Cluster

This cluster is focused on conversations about the critical and pressing ways in which humanities disciplines can inform and enrich thinking and practice in the health professions. Topics include the problem of defining health, bioethical questions (such as abortion, physician assisted suicide, genetic testing, body enhancement and alteration, etc.), relationships between patients and health professionals, and the intersections of health and various identity categories (such as race, gender, sexuality, and age).

We will be meeting over the year to read together. We also have a series of scholars coming to speak to the cluster. In Fall semester, look for talks by Anita Guerrini (Oregon State University) and Ellen Amster (McMaster University).

Everyone is welcome to attend the events hosted by the Health Humanities Cluster and UMIH.

Current members of the cluster include:

Enrique Fernandez (French, Spanish, and Italian, Arts, University of Manitoba)
Jillian Horton (Associate Dean, Max Rady College of Medicine, UM)
Serenity Joo (UMIH Director, English, Theatre, Film and Media, Arts, UM)
Rhonda Martens (Philosophy, Arts, UM)
Neil McArthur (Philosophy, Arts, UM)
Pamela Orr (Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing, Rady, UM)
Patricia Thille (College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Rady, UM)
Vanessa Warne (Theatre, Film and Media, Arts, UM)
David Watt (Theatre, Film and Media, Arts, UM)


Please contact Michelle Faubert ( or Heidi Marx ( for more information.