The Arts of Conversation: Past Years



Thursday, January 24
Paul Jenkins (UMIH)
“Witchcraft, Scepticism and Trust in Early Enlightenment Scotland: 
A Critical Reassessment of the Decline of the Early Modern Witch-hunts”

Thursday, January 31

Sarah Elvins (History)
“Lessons From the Food History
Lab: Thoughts on Hands-on Learning in the Humanities”

Tuesday, February 5

Alyson Brickey (English, University of Winnipeg)
“‘The Agony of the Partition’: America’s Walls”

Thursday, February 14
Christopher Crocker (Iceandic Studies)
“Narrating Disability Before Disability: Embodied Impairment in
the Medieval Icelandic Sagas”

Thursday, February 28
Jason Brown (UMIH, Research Affiliate)
“Teaching Justice in Renaissance Florence: 
The Summa of Archibishop Antonin”

Thursday, March 7
Michelle Faubert (English, Theatre, Film & Media)
“Famous Suicides and Suicides of the Famous from the
Romantic Period to the Present”

Thursday, March 14
Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square (UMIH, Research Affiliate)
“‘For Ever Lost’: Mary Shelley’s Disappearing Heroines”

Thursday, March 21
Matthew Neufeld 
(UMIH, Research Affiliate; History,University of Saskatchewan)
“New Formation on Old Foundations: 
Navel Healthcare During King William’sWar, 1689-1702”

Thursday, March 28

Celiese Lypka (UMIH, Research Affiliate)
“Self-Indifference: Rejecting Self-Preservation as a Feminist Act”

FALL 2018

Friday, 21 September

Anita Guerrini
“William Hunter and Eighteenth-Century Anatomical Collections”
Presented by the UMIH Health Humanities Research Cluster, 
with support from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science

Thursday, 4 October
Etienne-Marie Lassi
“Environmental/ecological issues and the aesthetics of 
detective novels in francophone Africa"

Thursday, 11 October

Michael Sampson
“He makes the sort of marriage by which he is at some point upset”: 
Myth and Misdirection in Prometheus Bound”

Wednesday, 17 October
Public Event

Good Will Social Club, 625 Portage Ave.

TIPI Confesssions: Sexy storytelling, performances, 
and anonymous audience confessions. Sex, (almost) everybody does it 
and (almost) nobody talks about it

Thursday, 25 October

David Annandale
“The Darkest Timeline: Get Out, Hereditary, 
and the Horror Movie in the Age of Trump”

Thursday, 1 November

Nancy Kang
"Two Latina Feminisms: Rhina Espaillat and Alicia Gaspar de Alba
in Contemporary Latina Feminist Contexts"

Thursday, 29 November
Bryn Square Jones
“[F]or ever lost”: Mary Shelley’s Disappearing Heroines”



25 January
“Moholy-Nagy and Media: Theory and Practice”
Oliver A. I. Botar (moderator), School of Art, University of Manitoba
Eduardo Aquino, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba
Lancelot Coar, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba
Monika Vrecar, Independent Scholar, former UMIH Research Affiliate
Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Professor, Rhetoric, Writing and
Communications, University of Winnipeg 

1 February
Cary Miller
Department of Native Studies
Reconciliation in the Humanities

8 February
Jennifery Dueck
Department of History
Cooking Politics: How America has Learned the Middle East in the Kitchen

15 February
The Environmental Humanities
Panel: Bruce Erickson (Dept of Environment and Geography), Jocelyn Thorpe (Women's and Gender Studies; Dept of History), Melanie Unrau (PhD candidate, ETFM), Jeremy Strong (PhD candidate, ETFM).

1 March
Jon Malek
UMIH Research Affiliate
Immigration and Belonging in a Multicultural Society

Wednesday 7 March
Alternate Histories Symposium
Details coming soon

15 March
Vanessa Warne
Readymade Code: Braille in Contemporary Visual Culture

22 March
R.J. Leland
Department of Philosophy

FALL 2017

21 September
Sheri Gibbings
Wilfred Laurier University
Democratizing Surveillance: Activism in an Indonesian City

28 September
Robert Chernomas & Ian Hudson
Dept of Economics
Economists - Academic Scribblers and Madmen in Authority
or Hired Prize Fighters Useful to Capital?

12 October
Alison Calder
Dept of English, Film, and Theatre
Connectomics:  Poetry, Science, and the Creative Scholar

19 October
Evgenia Cherkasova
Suffolk University
The Humanities, Teaching, and Life's Big Questions

26 October
L. Maren Wood & Jennifer Polk
Beyond the Professoriate
PhDs that Work: Finding Success in an Uncertain Job Market

2 November
Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli
Washington Office on Latin America
Title TBA

9 November
Jim Handy
University of Saskatchewan
A Land Without Peasants: Self-Provisioning, Poor Laws and Labour
in 18th- and 19th-Century Britain

16 November
Sarah Bezan
UMIH, Research Affiliate
A Kaleidoscope of Colour: Colour Theory and Ichthyology in
Richard Flanagan's Gould's Book of Fish (2001)

23 November
Chris Frank
Dept of History
“Fair and Reasonable having regard to all circumstances of the case”: 
Female Factory Inspectors, Sweated Workers, and the Struggle Against
Workplace Fines and Deductions


19 January
Jessica Herdman
UMIH Research Affiliate
Missionary and Indigenous Listening in Early Colonial Encounters in the
Great Lakes Region: A Musical Ethnohistory 

26 January
Maggie Berg (Queen’s University) & Barbara Seeber (Brock University)
The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy

2 February
The Sidney Warhaft Memorial Lecture
David Eng
University of Pennsylvania 
Absolute Apology, Absolute Forgiveness 
Presented by the Sidney Warhaft Memorial Speaker Committee
with assistance from UMIH.

9 February
Roisin Cossar
Department of History
Clerical Households in Late Medieval Archives

16 February
Ulysses Patola
PhD Candidate, Dept of History
Disabled Youth to the Rescue: The Origins of the Disability Rights
Movement in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, 1970-79

2 March
Laurence de Looze
Western University
From the Greeks to Google: How the Alphabet has Shaped
the Western View of the World
Presented by the Circle of Pre-modern Students
with assistance from UMIH

9 March
Medieval & Modern III: Creation & Destruction Conference
Keynote Address:
Jane Toswell
Western University
Codes of Conduct in the Medieval & Modern University

16 March
Len Kuffert
Department of History
Canada Before Television: Radio, Taste, and the
Struggle for Cultural Democracy

23 March 
Jason Peters
Booth University College
Poetry and the Pursuit of Consensus in Early Modern England

13 April
Maria Mazzoli
UMIH Research Affiliate
How to Parse a Complex Michif Verb Stem?
Challenges in Addressing the Speakers’ Knowledge(s)

13 April
Sarah Bezan
Ph.D. Candidate, U of Alberta
The Anterior Animal: Derrida, Deep Time, and the
Immersive Vision of Paleoartist Julius Csotonyi

FALL 2016

22 September
Carla Manfredi
University of Winnipeg
Reconstructing Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Photographs 

29 September
Jonathan Peyton
Dept of Envir. & Geography
Resource Histories and the
Political Ecology of Failure in Canada’s North

5 October
Orly Linovski
Dept of City Planning
Designing the Entrepreneurial City:
Urban Design in Los Angeles, 1964-2012 

13 October
Gerhard Jordaan
UMIH Graduate Fellow
Pottery­ Practice within Early Iron Age Communities
in the Tugela Basin, South Africa

20 October
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Dr Dustin Geeraert
UMIH Research Affiliate
The Key to All Mythologies 

27 October
Robert Schultz Theatre
Rebecca Comay
University of Torontp
Our Inheritance was Left to us Without a Testament-
or Is It the Other Way Around?
Presented by Mosaic with assistance from UMIH.

1 December
Jon Malek
UMIH Research Affiliate
Silangan Rising: The Crafting of the Filipino Self
and ‘Other’ in Winnipeg Through Ethnic Media