Why Major in Global Political Economy?
The Global Political Economy program is for students who want to develop their ability to see the systemic roots of local and global social problems.

Interested in why it is that inequality seems to be growing in your hometown, your country, or your world? Want to understand why the nations of the world are having such a tough time taking action on climate change? Wondering why the world produces enough food to feed everyone, but a billion people are undernourished?  These are questions that can’t be adequately addressed without an understanding of social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions and their interactions.  The questions that GPE students address are limitless.

 Economists, political scientists, historians, sociologists, and anthropologists all have distinct ways of seeing the world, each offering unique, sometimes competing, sometimes complementary explanations for why the world is as it is.  The interdisciplinary GPE program exposes you to all of these ways of seeing. We help students learn how to bridge these perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

 GPE brings together professors and courses from five disciplines  (history, economics, sociology, political studies, and anthropology) to help students develop the interdisciplinary perspective, skills, and critical thinking necessary to understand and act upon pressing contemporary problems.

If you're interested in pursuing a General Degree or Advanced Degree in Global Political Economy, email the GPE Coordinator Dr Mark Hudson.

What's GPE all about? What do you do with a degree in GPE? GPE students give you all the answers in a 6-minute video