What Is the Global Political Economy Program?

How are we to understand the daunting challenges facing humankind today and in the next century? Critical issues in your hometown, or in cities halfway around the world interact with a global system of political economic forces and relations.  The multi-faceted, interdisciplinary Global Political Economy (GPE) program is a balanced and innovative opportunity to deepen your understanding of global political and economic relations.  It prepares students for informed and effective action beyond the university.   

The GPE initiative is a unique interdisciplinary approach for the study of international political, social, environmental, and economic issues. It brings together faculty and course offerings across five disciplines to give you a superb education in global political economic relations, and their effects on local communities. The program integrates courses in Political Studies, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, and History, as well as offering two core courses in Global Political Economy.

You can choose either a General (3 year) or an Advanced (4 year) degree program, and graduate with the skills and understanding necessary to change your world.

General Degree Requirements

Advanced Degree Requirements

Why Study GPE?