Courses in Global Political Economy


The GPE Degree integrates courses from five departments into a coherent program of study in political economy.  Among others, the core of the GPE program includes:

Social Justice in the 21st Century • Microeconomics & Macroeconomics • Culture, Society & Power • Introduction to Modern World History • International Political Economy • Power, Politics, and the Welfare State • International Relations • Women in Cross Cultural Perspective • The Twentieth Century World • Political Economy I & II • Theories of the Capitalist World Order • Studies in Global Political Economy • Ecology and Society

GPE General Degree Course Requirements

GPE Advanced Degree Course Requirements

 Admission, Program Requirements and Course Descriptions from the UM Undergraduate Catalog


 GPE Course Registration:

Students registering for GPE 2700 or GPE 4700 require the permission of the instructor. Please contact Dr. Mark Hudson prior to attempting to register on Aurora for permission. Students who are not in the GPE program are welcome to request permission to enroll, but please be advised that GPE majors have priority.

If you require, in order to graduate this year, both GPE 2700 and ANTH 3320, be aware that the two courses are scheduled in the same slot. Please contact Dr. Mark Hudson for information on how to resolve this.