GPE 2700 - Perspectives on Global Political Economy

This course is designed to introduce students to the topic area of global political economy from each of the perspectives of the participating disciplines (Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Studies, and Sociology). Students have five 90 minute classes with a faculty member from each of the departments who introduce the topic of GPE through the lenses of their respective disciplines. This helps the student to navigate the required courses in each of these disciplines which have a central focus on political economy related issues.

This course also helps GPE students find other students who have also a declared interest in GPE. This allows support networks and friendships to develop that provide GPE students with support throughout their programs. These ties have remained for many students who have since graduated and moved on to other endeavours.

The course readings manuals for GPE 2700 will be available late August in the Political Studies textbook section of the University of Manitoba Bookstore.  You may wish to pick up your copy early and get a head start on the course readings.

For more information refer to the course outline