Polish Program at the University of Manitoba




The Polish program offers undergraduate classes in language, and a survey class in literature and culture.

Teaching members of the Polish section

Programs offered: Minor in Polish
For entry to the Minor, the prerequisite is a grade of "C" or better in POL 1890

Courses required to complete a Minor in Polish:

POL 1890 Introductory Polish (6 credit hours)
POL 2890 Intermediate Polish (6 credit hours)

and any 6 credit hours from the following Polish/Slavic Studies courses: 

POL 1900 Love, Heroes and Patriotism in Contemporary Poland (3 credit hours) 
POL 2600 Polish Culture until 1918 (3 credit hours)
POL 2610 Polish Culture 1918 to the Present (3 credit hours)
POL 2660 Special Topics in Polish Literature and Culture (3 credit hours)
POL 2690 Polish Language and Culture (6 credit hours)
POL 3890 Advanced Polish (6 credit hours)

SLAV 2260 Russia, Ukraine and Poland – Cultures in Dialogue 1 (3 credit hours)
SLAV 2270 Russia, Ukraine and Poland – Cultures in Dialogue 2 (3 credit hours)




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2017-2018 course offerings

Introductory Polish (6)
  POL 1890 MWF 9:30-10:20

Advanced Polish (6) 
  POL 3890 MWF 10:30-11:20

Polish Culture 1918 to the Present
  POL 2610 Fall (3) MWF 1:30-2:20

Cultural Representations of Poland in the 20th Century: Toilet Paper Hostages
  POL 2660 Winter (3) MWF 1:30-2:20