Study and Work Abroad - Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and Poland


In past years many students from our programs have spent part or all of an academic year in Europe. These programs give participants a linguistic and cultural expertise which is difficult to acquire in any other way. All of our exchange and summer-study programs allow students to receive credit toward their University of Manitoba degree.

Students can participate in four official student exchanges with Universities in Greifswald (Germany), in Lviv (Ukraine), and in St. Petersburg (Russia). The length of the exchanges may vary from one term to one academic year. 

The Department offers summer seminars in Ukrainian and in Russian in Kyiv, and summer-session program in Krakow. Further options for students to go to Germany include an annual summer work program in Germany, several summer school programs in German language, literature, and culture, and a year as Foreign Language Assistant in English at a German school.

Scholarships for exchange programs to Germany are available on a competitive basis. Students for all exchange programs may apply for U of M grants or student loans to help to cover the cost of the program.

For all programs and scholarships, contact the advisors for each country and start to prepare your application as early as possible. Deadlines given on this webpage are official deadlines for the program; departmental deadlines are usually earlier.

Numerous students in recent years went on these exchanges. Please contact the advisors for each country

There are various opportunities for Graduate students in German and in Slavic to spend time abroad to conduct their research. Please contact the graduate advisor of the department for details.

Advisors for work and study abroad programs:


Dr. Alexandra Heberger
323 Fletcher Argue Bldg.
(204) 474-7867



Iryna Konstantiuk
321 Fletcher Argue Bldg.
(204) 474-8298


Dr. Elena Baraban
325 Fletcher Argue Bldg.
(204) 474-9735


Magda Blackmore
320 Fletcher Argue Bldg.
(204) 474-7866