History of LCMND

Background on the history of the LCMND (Languages and Cultures Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota)

The LCMND (http://www.umanitoba.ca/outreach/lcmnd/index.shtml) started out in 1959 as a joint initiative by faculty members of the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg) and the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks). It was intended to provide a cross-border forum for scholarly exchange, and for fifty-two years has been highly successful in realizing its aim by organizing yearly conferences both north & south of the United States/Canadian border. In the 1980s the two founding universities were joined by the University of Winnipeg, North Dakota State University (Fargo), and Minot State University. In 2009 the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota changed its name to the Languages and Cultures Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota. The annual LCMND conference provides a great opportunity for interdisciplinary, regional, international, and trans-continental scholarly exchange. The 2012 conference will be the 53rd LCMND conference