Graduate Student Travel Funding - LCMND 2012

2012 interdisciplinary and international conference “Languages and Cultures of Conflicts and Atrocities”  in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), October 11-13, 2012

Graduate Student Travel Funding

Graduate students who are presenting a paper and are not students of the University of Manitoba or the University of Winnipeg can apply for a travel subsidy of Cad.$200 from the conference organizers.

The travel subsidy will be handed out at the actual conference

To be eligible for the travel subsidy, graduate students must:

  • be enrolled in an M.A. or PhD program in October 2012
  • register for the conference and pay the registration fee by Sept. 17, 2012
  • hand in the application form for the subsidy and a text file (doc, docx, rtf) of their paper by email as of Sept. 17, 2012 (note the paper should be a complete draft, max. 10 pages double spaced, close to the paper actually presented in Winnipeg but of course can be adjusted / revised in the weeks before the conference).
  • have incurred travel costs or other costs in relation to the conference (registration, accommodation) of at least $200 that are not reimbursed by other sources.

Travel Subsidy Application form (pdf)