Why Study Spanish?

• Spanish is the language of a people who have made many important contributions to the history and culture of the world. Today, there are close to 400 million native speakers of Spanish, and close to 500 million speakers worldwide, including Spain, Central and South America, and North America. It is a language of enormous social, political and economic importance.

• The courses offered at the University of Manitoba enable students to use Spanish in either a professional or recreational capacity. Language courses provide ample opportunity to practice oral skills and increase the student’s conversational and professional repertoire. Class sizes are limited and participation is greatly encouraged. The courses in Hispanic literature and culture give students insights into the history and psychology of the Hispanic world.

• Some Spanish courses may be combined with courses in anthropology, economics, geography and history in an interdisciplinary program leading to a minor in Latin American Studies.

• The study of Spanish opens up opportunities in fields such as diplomacy, translating, interpreting, teaching, journalism and commerce. The development of closer Canadian ties with Spain and Latin America is extending the range of career opportunities through various international organizations.