The French Club - 106 Isbister Bldg

Two Undergraduate Students

"The two French Clubs conducted under the direction of members of the Department have been rather more than usually active this year, and a number of the programmes disclosed considerable talent, taste, and progress in the language."  (W.F. Osborne, Head, Report of the Department of French for the session 1929-1930)

Olivia França, Volunteer, and Pauline Bougault, French Assistant (2014-2015)

"I love going to the French Club; the atmosphere there is very relaxed. I go whenever I have free time, whether it's ten minutes or just an opportunity to say "Hi."  Daily conversations strengthen my skills by using the words and grammatical skills that I learn in class.  I see my own improvement each time I make a conversation a little bit longer." (Lynsee Zhang, undergraduate student in 2014-2015)


De la salle de classe au Club de français (PDF)

Note d'une ancienne assistante de français, Manella Vila Nova (PDF)

Note d'un ancien président du Club de français (PDF)

Le Club de français au café citoyen bilingue (PDF)

Manella Vila Nova, French Assistant (2015-2016), Jean-Francois Matte, Past President (2015-2017), and Semiyu Adegbite, Volunteer

Le Club de français de l'Université du Manitoba est situé dans la salle 106 Isbister. Ouvert du lundi au jeudi, grâce aux bénévoles, le Club de français accueille TOUS les étudiants souhaitant parler français.

C'est l'occasion de pouvoir se retrouver autour d'un thé, d'un café, d'un jeu, ou tout simplement discuter en français.

Peu importe votre niveau de langue : que vous soyez débutants, intermédiaires, avancés ou bilingues, vous êtes les bienvenus au Club !

Nous organisons aussi des projections de films, un repas de Noël, une vente de crêpes pour la Chandeleur et des sorties culturelles dans la communauté franco-manitobaine.

The University of Manitoba French Club is located in 106 Isbister.

With the help of volunteers, the French Club is open Monday to Thursday and welcomes ALL students wishing to speak French.

It's an opportunity to meet for a cup of tea or coffee, a game and simply to chat in French.

Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, advanced level or bilingual, you are most welcome to the Club.

We also organize movie nights, a Christmas Party, a crepe sale, and outings to local events in the Franco-Manitoban community.

Volunteers needed for 2018-2019

Co-Curricular Record for volunteering

French Club Hours (Fall 2018 term)
Monday/lundi : 11:30am-1:30pm
Tuesday/mardi : 12:30-2:30pm
Wed/mercredi :  11:30am-1:30pm
Thursday/jeudi :  Closed
Friday/vendredi : 12:30-1:30pm

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Tutoring in French Club

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2018 Potluck Cristina Marie Lisa
October 26, 2018 Department Potluck
Cristina Aliu, Marie Segura, Lisa Alberola

Manella Vila Nova & Undergraduate Students

Semiyu Adegbite, Jean-François Matte, Steven French

 - « Regards croisés sur la francophonie », table ronde le 23 mars 2018 à l'occasion de la Journée internationale de la Francophonie
 -  2018 Petit Canada
2018 petit canada logo
 -  2018 La Chandeleur (Saint-Valentin) (PDF)
 - 2016 causeries sur CKSB (PDF)
 - 2015 Café citoyen bilingue
 - 2015 Call for Papers/Appel à contribution (PDF)
 - 2013 Coffee House (PDF)
 - 2013 La Chandeleur (Saint-Valentin) (PDF)
 - 2013 French Movie Nights (PDF)
 - 2012 FSI Student's Christmas Party (PDF)
 - 2011 FSI Theatre Night