Richard A. Lobdell

PhD (McGill University)
Senior Scholar

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Fax:      (204) 474-7620
Mailing Address:
  Department of Economics
  University of Manitoba
  116 St. Paul's College
  70 Dysart Road
  Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3T 2M6


Fields of Specialization

  • Economic History
  • Development Economics

Selected Publications


  • Evelyn L. Forget and Richard A. Lobdell (eds.), The Peasant in Economic Thought: `A Perfect Republic'. (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1995).
  • Richard A. Lobdell, Economic Structure and Demographic Performance in Jamaica, 1891-1935.  (New York: Garland Press, 1987).

Chapters in Books

  • Henry Rempel and Richard Lobdell, “The Role of Urban to Rural Remittances in Rural Development”, in John Connell and Richard P.C. Brown (eds.), Migration and Remittances (London: Edward Elgar, 2015). This is a reprint of an article first published in the Journal of Development Studies, 14(3), 1978.
  • Richard A. Lobdell, "Patterns of Investment and Sources of Credit in the British West Indian Sugar Industry, 1838-1897", in B.W. Higman and Kathleen E.A. Monteith (eds), West Indian Business History: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Mona: University of the West Indies Press, 2010).
  • Richard A. Lobdell,  "Hazel Kyrk (1886-1957)"; "Jessica Blanche Peixotto (1864-1941); "Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter (1898-1953)”; "Helen Laura Sumner Woodbury (1876-1933)"  in Robert W. Diamond, Mary Ann Diamond, and Evelyn L. Forget (eds.), Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists. (Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar, 2000).
  • Richard A. Lobdell, "`Repression is not a policy': Sydney Olivier on the West Indies and Africa", in Roderick McDonald (ed.), West Indies Accounts: Essays on the History of British Caribbean and the Atlantic Economy in Honour of Richard Sheridan.  (Kingston: University of the West Indies Press, 1996).
  • Richard A. Lobdell, "British Officials and the West Indian Peasantry, 1842-1938", in Malcolm Cross and Gad Heuman (eds.), Labour in the Caribbean: From Emancipation to Independence. (London: Macmillan, 1988).