Economics & Econometrics Research 2017
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Research Awards

Mann, J., Principal investigator “The Unintended consequences of ethanol: Fuel market competitiveness and climate change” UM/SSHRC RGP (withTristan Skolrud, University of Saskatchewan, and Charles Grant, University of Manitoba)

Brown, L. and Troutt, E., Co-investigators, “Systemic discrimination and institutional change: sex-based faculty salary gaps at Canadian universities” UM/SSHRC (with Susan Prentice)

Witt, J. (Principal investigator) and Oguzoglu, U. (Co-investigator), CIHR Open Operating Grant extended with additional funding (additional $29,747) Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Open Operating Grant: “Towards Sustainable Rural Health Care: Combining Physicians’ Preferences with the Needs of Rural Residents”, (with co-investigators Evelyn Forget and Alan Katz). Original Grant Amount: $178,482 (2014 – 2017); New Grant Amount/date: $208,229 (2014 – 2018)

Publications – authored books and films only

Mann , J. Agribusiness Management –Concepts and Applications, 2nd Edition. Mississauga: John Wiley and Sons, Canada Ltd, 2018 (with Charles Grant)