Research Affiliates

Research affiliates are individuals involved in social science research and policy and wish to have a formal affiliation with CSSRP. There is no fee attached to becoming a Research Affiliate.

For those interested in becoming a Research Affiliate, please email your Curriculum Vitae and a brief description for wanting to become an affiliate. Membership as a Research Affiliate is for one-year, renewable with an annual request that will be sent out each May (regardless of month of membership).

Benefits of becoming a Research Affiliate:

  1. Discount on all training programs and workshops, including the Spring Professional Development Series (up to 20%; some conditions apply)
  2. Have an opportunity to present at one of the CSSRP’s Speaker Series
  3. Increase networking and research opportunities across the University and with community stakeholders
  4. For Research Affiliates internal to the UM, qualify for use of Qualtrics software for a fee.


  1. Can students become Research Affiliates?

    At this time, students do not qualify to become Research Affiliates. Student fees for all training programs and workshops, including the Spring Professional Development Series are already discounted. If students wish to access Qualtrics, they must be sponsored by a faculty member who is a Research Affiliate.

  2. Can non-UM faculty become a Research Affiliate?

    Yes! Non-UM faculty can become CSSRP Research Affiliates that are external to the University. External Research Affiliates, however, do not qualify for use of Qualtrics, but they enjoy all of the additional benefits of membership.

  3. Can non-academic community members become Research Affiliates?

    Yes and No. Organizations can become Community Affiliates, but individuals without an academic affiliation cannot become members. There is an annual fee for membership, which is based on a sliding scale depending on the size of organization and whether it is a not-for-profit or for-profit organization. Email us at for more information.

 Research Affiliates

Internal to the University of Manitoba
Name Faculty/Department Areas of Interest
Edgerton, Jason Sociology and Criminology Youth mental health; youth substance and behavioural additions; education and work; social determinants of health; quantitative research methods
Funk, Laura Sociology and Criminology Aging and social determinants; paid and unpaid care work; death and dying; qualitative and interpretive methods
Jesse Hajer Economics and Labour Studies Social Impact Bonds; The Political Economy of Social Policy, Privatization and Financialization; The Social Economy and Community Economic Development; The Political Economy of Manitoba
Loureiro-Rodriguez, Verónica Arts/Linguistics Language contact; code-switching; Spanish as a heritage language; global hip hop
Starzyk, Katherine Psychology Reconcilization; solidarity; intergroup relations; collective action; personality; psychometrics
External to Arts, Internal to the University of Manitoba
Name Faculty/Department/Unit Areas of Interest
Souleymanov, Rusty Faculty of Social Work & Community Health Sciences HIV/AIDS community-based research; queer and trans men's health; racial, ethnic, and cultural disparities and health; critical social work and public health
Nixon, Kendra RESOLVE Family violence; gender-based violence

Interested in becoming a Research Affiliate? Email us at