James T. Chlup

PhD Durham
MA Dalhousie
BA (Hons) New Brunswick

Associate Professor of Ancient History

Department Head and Graduate Programme Chair

Greek and Latin historiography and biography; Middle and Late Roman Republic; Greek and Roman military manuals; Roman Middle East

Room 370 University College
220 Dysart Road
Winnipeg, MB  R3T 2M8
Tel 204-474-9171    Fax 204-474-7684
Email: james.chlup@umanitoba.ca


Dr. Chlup teaches courses on Roman culture, mythology, Greek and Roman history, and Latin language.

His research focuses on the ancient sources of the Middle and Late Roman Republic, especially Livy’s history and Plutarch’s biographies.  He is also interested in the Roman Middle East.

He is currently working on articles and chapters on Plutarch’s Life of Brutus, Frontinus’ Strategemata, Caesar’s Bellum Civile, and Roman Decapitation.  His major project entails a commentary on Plutarch’s Life of Crassus.

He has given papers at conferences and research seminars in Canada, England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  He has widely travelled through the Middle East, especially Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon as part of his research.

His profile on Academia.edu may be found here.


Articles and Chapters
Forthcoming. 'The Proconsul and the Emperor: John Buchan's Augustus’, in P. J. Goodman, ed., Afterlives of Augustus: AD 14-2014. Cambridge.

2014. 'Just War in Onasander's ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΚΟΣ’. Journal of Ancient History 2, 37-63.

2013. 'Plutarch's Life of Crassus and the Roman Lives'. Scripta Classica Israelica 32, 107-21.

2013. ‘Sallust’s Melian Dialogue: Sulla and Bocchus in the Bellum Iugurthinum’, in D. Côté and P. Fleury, eds., Political Discourse and History [Dialogues d’histoire ancienne supplément 8]. Besançon, 191-207.

2012. ‘Identity and the Representation of War in Ancient Rome’, in E. V. Baraban, S. Jaeger, and A. Muller, eds., Representing War across the Disciplines: Theory, Culture, Critical Practice. Toronto. 209-32.

2009. ‘Maior et clarior victoria: Hannibal and Tarentum in Livy’. Classical Word 103.1, 17-38.

2009. ‘Crassus as Symposiast in Plutarch’s Life of Crassus’, in J. R. Ferreira, D. F. Leão, M. Tröster, and P. B. Dias, eds., Symposion and Philanthropia in Plutarch. Coimbra. 181-90.

2008. ‘Nulla unquam res publica maior: Livy, Augustus, and the Foundation of the Roman Republic’, in M. Chassignet, ed., L’étiologie dans la pensée antique [Recherches sur les rhétorique religueses IX]. Brussels. 53-68.

2006. ‘The Rhetoric of Authority: Alcibiades’ Speech to the Spartans in Thucydides’. Cahiers d’Études Anciennes 42, 299-325.

James Chlup