Course of Study in the M.A. Program

The M.A. program is normally a two-year course of study. In the first two terms, students are required to complete 3 credit hours in GRK or LATN course at he 7000 level, 3 credits of CLAS Archaeology or Ancient History courses at the 7000 level, a 0-credit proseminar on research skills and topics in Classical Studies, and 6 additional credit hours at the 7000 level in the area of specialization. In consultation with the advisor, students may elect up to 12 additional credit hours at the 3000, 4000 or 7000 level. In the third term, students normally formulate their thesis topics; in the second year of the program, students complete the thesis.

Application Deadline

  • The application deadline for students who wish to be considered for a University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship is January 15
  • The departmental deadline for application for admission in September is March 1
  • The departmental deadline for application for admission in January is July 1

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to demonstrate their proficiency in Classical Studies, ancient Greek, and Latin. They can normally do so by completing one of the following: (1) an Advanced or Honours B.A. in Classics, Greek, or Latin or (2) a pre-Master's year of course work in Classics, Greek, and/or Latin.

Applicants are normally expected to have completed at least 18 credit hours in ancient Greek and Latin, with no fewer than 6 credit hours in each language. Applicants are also expected to have achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 in the Greek and Latin courses that they have completed. Applicants without these qualifications but with alternative, relevant expertise in the areas if ancient history and archaeology should contact the graduate chair and/or potential advisors before submitting a formal application.

All students applying for a Master's degree program must have attained a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last two full years (60 credit hours) of study. This includes those applying for direct admission and those entering from a pre-Master's program. Students who meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies are not guaranteed admission.

Application Procedures

Applicants may now submit their applications for admission directly on-line using the new UMGradConnect application system, For complete instructions on how to apply please click in the following link:

Complete applications will include the following documents:

  • application and application fee
  • two confidential letters on recommendation 9preferably from professors with whom the student has previously worked)
  • one page cover letter indicating the student's area of interest (e.g., Philology, Ancient History, Archaeology) and specific fields that might form the basis for their thesis research
  • academic transcript. For initial assessment purposes, unofficial transcripts (uploaded to the UMGradConnect application) are acceptable and preferred. Official transcripts will only be required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies if admitted to the program of study
  • copy of birth certificate or passport (which will be required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies if admitted to the program of study)
  • notarized copy of marriage certificate or other official evidence indicating name change (if applicable)
  • evidence of proficiency in English (if applicable)