Recent M.A. Theses

Sarah Legendre: Visualizing the Aeneid in Roman Décor (2019)

Bianca Claudio: The Study of Historical and Philological Papyrology: Case Studies “New Sappho” and “Newest Sappho” (2019)

Dylan Townshend: Economic Changes in the Early Hellenistic Kingdoms of Macedonia and Thrace (2018)

Agapi Ortaxidou: Platonic Defences of Socrates: The Apology, Symposium and other works (2018)

Lisa Halim: Psyche’s Metamorphosis: An Exploration of Changes in Role and Character (2017)

Alistair Mowat: The Late Roman Amphoras of Thrace: The Perspective from the Molyvoti Peninsula (2016)

Keaton Arksey: Perceptions of the Ancient Jews as a Nation in the Greek and Roman Worlds (2016)

Steven Sirksi: The Musical Revolution in Fifth-Century Greece (2008)

James Kruck: Cicero as a Translator of Greek in his Presentation of the Stoic Theory of Action (2008)

Tyson Sukava: Plato’s Use of Medical Language and Concepts (2007)

G. Bryan Natali: The Perusine War in its Historiographic and Literary Context (2005)

John D. W. Stevens: An Assessment of Alexander’s Morality in the Ancient Witnesses and Modern Interpretations (2005)

Darren Grunerud: The Early Development of Bucolic Poetry (2005)

Carol E. Steer: The Season of Winter in Art and Literature from Roman North Africa to Medieval France (2000)