Essays in Classics and the Classical Tradition

edited by Rory B. Egan and Mark A. Joyal

Daimonopylai, the title of the volume is a Hellenization of the native word believed to have given Manitoba its name.  The editors were aware that the etymology was controversial but decided that it had, in any case a certain poetic aptness for a volume dedicated to a Manitoba Hellenist.  Happily, the decision also appears to have been vindicated by the philological work of David Pentland presented within.

Giambologna's statue of Mercury was chosen as the cover illustration for its multiple emblematic associations.  Representing both the classical world and the vitality of the classical tradition, the Mercurio also has special associations with the province of Manitoba since it was the model for the Golden Boy atop the dome of the Manitoba legislature.

Dancing at the Spirit Gates: A Mithraic Ritual Recovered from Proclus [in Remp.2.128.26ff. Kroll]
     -- Roger Beck

The Crucifixation of the Poet: Catullus and Eldridge Cleaver
    -- David F. Bright

Vir Magnus ac Memorabilis Fuit: Livy on the Death of Cicero
    -- James T. Chlup

"The Appearance of History": Making Some Sense of Plutarch
    -- Craig Cooper

An Early Bronze Age Findgroup from Eleusis
    -- Michael B. Cosmopoulos

Eros, Eloquence and Entomo-psychology in Plato's Phaedrus
   -- Rory Egan

Bis Grauidae Pecudes: Vergil, Georgics 2.150 and Genesis 31:7-8
    -- Michael Fox

Epictetus as Therapist
    -- John J. Gahan

Words Without a Song: The Challenge of Carmina Burana 62
    -- Robert Glendenning

Iovis Ira: Allusion and the Relegation of Ovid
    -- Robert D. Gold

The Literate Revolution in Greece and its Canadian Causes: Eric Havelock and Harold Innis
    -- Mark Golden

Self-Fashioning in the Classical Tradition: Ronsard's "De l'Election de son sepulcre"
    -- Alex L. Gordon

Textual Criticism of Classical Texts in Erasmus' Adagia 
    -- John N. Grant

Erasmus and More, Jaeger and Berry: The Renaissance Model for a Humanist
    -- DeLloyd J. Guth 

Τέχνη and Θεία Μορα in Plato’s Ion
    -- John P. Harris

Christians, "Schools" and Greek Literacy
    -- Ian H. Henderson

Centaurs in Love: An Old Man's Memory
    -- Ben Hijmans

The Language and Style of the Old Oligarch
    -- Mark Joyal

Nothing to do with Mendaian Amphoras? Athenaeus 11.784C
    -- Mark Lawall

Similarities in Generic Variations in Euripides' Ion and Sophocles" Philoctetes 
    -- Brad Levett

Mythmaking and the Construction of the Feminine in Sappho and Eavan Boland
    -- Kristin Lord

Dido's Court Philosopher
    -- Alexander G. McKay

Manitoba, "Δαιμονοπύλαι"
    -- David H. Pentland

Biblical Remnants in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Old English
    -- Phyllis Portnoy

Longing for Victory: The Erotic Coercion of Victoria
    -- Pauline Ripat

Politics and Personalities in Classical Thebes
    -- Albert Schachter

Dancing and Dying: The Display of Elephants in Ancient Roman Arenas
    -- Jo-Ann Shelton

City Slicker versus Country Bumpkin: Farmers in the Acharnians of Aristophanes and the Dyskolos of Menander
    -- Carol E. Steer

Circulus, Triangulus, Epidonicus: Geometrical Difficulties with Latin Lexicography
    -- Wesley M. Stevens

Archaeological Evidence for Food Offerings in the Graves of Roman North Africa
    -- Lea Stirling

Roman Drinking Silver: Terms, Forms, and Functions Some Notes
    -- John Tamm

Euclid's Non-Euclidean Geometry
    -- R.S.D. Thomas

Gladiator Representations on Egyptian Lamps in Vancouver
    -- Hector Williams

The Legend of Constantine the Relic-Provider
    -- John Wortley

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