Program Information


The Catholic Studies Program offered in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba provides an interdisciplinary, intellectual, and academic approach to the Catholic tradition. In examining Catholic history, art, politics, and social life, the Catholic Studies Minor provides a unique opportunity to learn about the people, places, and principles that make up one of our world’s most longstanding and influential institutions.

 A Minor in Catholic Studies consists of 18 credit hours.

  1. CATH 1190 – To begin their program, all students are required to take this Introduction to Catholic Studies course.

This course is an initiation into the diversity, richness, and significance of Roman Catholicism in its many different forms and expressions, seeking to highlight the resources and techniques available for pursuing an interdisciplinary study of Catholicism as a field of intellectual inquiry.

  1. During their subsequent years, students must take 12 credit hours from a multitude of approved courses specifically related to themes and issues in Catholic Studies.

This may include the (6 credit hours) Travel Studies in Catholic Culture course as well as selected cross-listed courses in History, Religion, and Fine Arts.

  1. To conclude their program, all students are required to take the Catholic Social Teaching course as a capstone course that synthesizes the entirety of their academic study.

This course is an introuction to the Church's social teaching with a dual focus on critical theory and praxis. Students will engage with the Church's position on issues such as human dignity, solidarity with minority and oppressed populations, the common good, subsidiarity, rights and responsibilities, as well as the preferential option for the poor.

 Catholic Studies and the Bachelor of Education.

For September 2016, Religious Studies is now recognized as a teachable minor in the Elementary and Middle Years streams in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. Therefore, students who have completed a Minor in Catholic Studies can now use it as a teaching minor in their application into the Bachelor of Education program. Please note that successful completion of the Catholic Studies program does not guarantee acceptance into the Bachelor of Education, as each student is accepted to the Faculty of Education based on the merit of his or her own application. Please see a Student Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Education if you have any questions.

The Jesuit Scholarships and the Minor in Catholic Studies.

Several scholarships are available for St. Paul's College students who make Catholic Studies their academic minor. In particular, the Jesuit Scholarships are available to those students who have declared a Catholic Studies minor, are a member of the College, and have obtained a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Applications must be received by November 15 and can be obtained by clicking this link: Jesuit Scholarship.

St. Paul's College Bursaries and the Catholic Studies Minor.

Financial bursaries are available for St. Paul's College students who have obtained a GPA of 2.5 or higher, taken one or more classes in Catholic Studies, declared a Catholic Studies minor, or who have participated in a travel-study course through the Catholic Studies program. Applications must be received by September 30 and can be obtained by clicking this link: Bursary Application.

How to declare Catholic Studies as your Minor.

You can declare your minor through Aurora Student during the registration period. If you have already registered for courses for the term and then want to declare or change your major, you must contact your faculty general office.

  1. Login to Aurora Student.
  2. Go to Enrolment & Academic Records.
  3. Go to Declarations.
  4. Select Declare Minor.
  5. Select current term.
  6. Select your Catholic Studies minor from the appropriate drop down list.

When you have finished, the Aurora Student system will either notify you that your minor has been declared as requested or it will inform you why you are ineligible to declare Catholic Studies for your minor.

If you are have problems declaring your minor, contact your faculty.