Why Canadian Studies?

Think you know Canada?

This interdisciplinary program allows students to study Canadian themes from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives and to synthesize these perspectives in specific Canadian Studies courses.

Courses that focus on Canada in the Faculty of Arts are drawn from Anthropology, Economics, English, French, History, Icelandic, Labour Studies, Linguistics, Native Studies, Political Studies, Religion, German & Slavic Studies and Sociology. Certain courses in other faculties including Art History, as well as Environment and Geography can also apply to a Canadian Studies program.

Canadian Studies will offer you a multi-dimensional learning experience in the study of your own country. For instance; Canadian Studies courses in Sociology examine ethnicity, poverty, and inequality. History courses explore Canada’s colonial past so that you can make sense of twentieth century Québec nationalism, multiculturalism and regionalism.

The complete list of approved courses is found in the University of Manitoba Calendar.


What Can I Do With a Degree in Canadian Studies?

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Canadian Studies can lead to jobs in municipal, provincial and federal governments, education and business. Pursuing Canadian Studies as a minor is a useful complement to majors in History, Anthropology, Political Studies, Fine Art, English, Economics, Religion and many other areas of study.

An Honours degree in Canadian Studies also prepares students so that they may pursue a Master of Arts degree in Canadian Studies at the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg, Carleton University in Ottawa and Trent University in Peterborough.






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