Exchange Program


The University of Manitoba has student exchange agreements with a number of partner institutions in Asia.  Every year several students in Asian Studies take part in these exchanges. Exchange destinations include Japan (Kokugakuin University, Saga University, Akita International University, and Momoyama Gakuin University), China (Lonzhou University), and Korea (Korea University).  Other new destinations are being negotiated, and thus this list will continue to grow. Typically, study abroad at one of these partner universities is for one semester or for one academic year, and involves a combination of intensive language study and culture courses.

All these study-abroad programs are based on reciprocal tuition agreements (i.e. students pay tuition fees to their home university while studying at the partner university.)  There are also some scholarships available.  Students who are accepted into either the Kokugakuin University or Saga University exchange programs are eligible for the JASSO scholarship (the partner institution applies for this scholarship on your behalf), which is currently worth $12,000 Canadian dollars.  In addition, all Arts students taking part in an exchange program are eligible for the Dean of Arts International Student Exchange Travel Award. 

Applications for the Kokugakuin University and Saga University scholarships are due October 30.  For all other exchanges, the application deadline is February 1. 

Students taking part in the exchange are chosen from all faculties and are not required to have studied Japanese. More information about exchange programs and application forms can be obtained from: The International Centre for Students, Room 541D University Centre, Tel: 474-6737.