Anthropology Graduate Research Award (AGRA)

Anthropology Graduate Research Award is an award to defray the direct costs of student research.

Students must submit receipts related to their thesis research activities within the preceding calendar year to claim an amount up to the maximum amount available for the award on an annual basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. MA students must have completed coursework and their thesis proposal.
  2. PhD students must have completed coursework, candidacy and the thesis proposal. The fund is to recover the costs of research already completed.
  3. All Applicants must have completed the research phase of their program

Candidates will be required to submit an application that will consist of:

  1. A covering letter outlining the research activities and a summary of the allowable research expenses incurred during the research period.


    Allowable expenses for the direct costs of research follow The University of Manitoba and Tri-Council compliance guidelines (see Governing Documents: Financial). Allowable expenses for the ASRA include:
                        i. Transportation (air, rail, vehicle);
                        ii. Accommodation;
                        iii. Meals (actual costs and no alcohol);
                        iv. Insurance (e.g., for travel outside Manitoba; flight cancellation)
                        v. Cultural offerings (e.g. tobacco);
     vi. Instruments related to data collection and/or analysis (e.g., minor laboratory equipment not provided by the institution; questionnaires).

    This does not include (i) stationary (e.g., printer paper), (ii) office supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.), or (iii) equipment such as computers, tablets, cellular phones, smartphones or other electronic devices, modems, hardware, specialized software, charges for the use of the Internet or electronic devices.

  2. All receipts related to research activities within the preceding calendar year.

If you have any questions about allowable expenses, please contact Colleen Loewen, Administrative Assistant, or the GPC Chair, Kathleen Buddle, for clarification.

Please submit complete applications by mail or in person to:

Madeleine Hoskins
Department of Anthropology
University of Manitoba
432 Fletcher Argue (4th floor)
Winnipeg MB  R3T 5V5

Value: The value of the awards is variable and depends on the funds available and the number of applicants. Should the requests for AGRAs exceed available funds, the department will determine allocation based on its estimation of merit.

Application Deadline: February 16