Dr. Julia Gamble

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Dr. Julia Gamble

Assistant Professor
Office:  438 Fletcher Argue
Phone: (204) 474-6328
Email: julia.gamble@umanitoba.ca

PhD (University of Manitoba)
MA (Research) (University of Sheffield)
BA (Honours) (University of Winnipeg)


Recent Courses:

  • ANTH 2820 - Human Osteology
  • ANTH 2860 - Evolution and Human Diversity
  • ANTH 2880 - Human Evolution
  • ANTH 4860/7930 - Growth, development & plasticity in human health
  • ANTH 4860/7930 - Advanced Practicum in Tools, Techniques & Interpretation in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

Areas of Specialization:

Bioarchaeology; Dental Anthropology and microscopy; Human Osteology; Palaeopathology; Skeletal Growth and Development; Developmental Origins of Health and Disease; Life history theory; Palaeopathology; Northern Europe, Baffin Island

Current Research:

My research takes a life course approach to the investigation of past health.  I am interested in understanding the interactions between early life experiences (as represented by periods of developmental disruption captured in dental enamel) and later life health (as seen in human skeletal remains). This investigation incorporates a microscopic approach, as well as virtual recording. I am also interested in a contextual approach to all of my work, and to understanding diverse aspects of population health through different methodologies. This has resulted in an SSHRC Insight Development Grant funded project in which we are looking at ancient pathogen DNA (with J Boldsen and H Poinar).

While largely focusing on human bioarchaeology, the methods I use can be used across species boundaries, and I am further working on a collaborative project looking at dental development and at stress patterns over time in Baffin Island caribou (with B Milne, R. Park, D. Stenton, H Poinar, and R ten Bruggencate).

Recent Publications:

  • 2019    Klunk J, Duggan AT, Redfern R, Gamble J, Boldsen JL, Golding B, Walter BS, Eaton K, Strangroom J, Rouillard J-M, Devault A, DeWitte S, and Poinar H. Genetic resiliency and Black Death: no apparent loss of mitogenomic diversity due to the Black Death in medieval London and Denmark. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 169(2): 240-262.
  • 2019    Gamble J. A life history approach to stature and body proportions in medieval Danes. Anthropologischer Anzeiger (in press)
  • 2018   Gamble J and Milne S. Brooke. Using LEXT laser-scanning confocal microscopy to identify enamel surface defects in archaeological caribou dentition: A pilot study from Southern Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. Journal of Archaeological Sciences: Reports (Special volume “Explorations at the Microscale, ed. D. Macdonald, A. Evans, and J. Stemp) (In Press)
  • 2017   Gamble J, Boldsen J, Hoppa R. Stressing out in medieval Denmark: An investigation of dental enamel defects and age at death in two medieval Danish cemeteries.  International Journal of Paleopathology 17: 52-66.
  • 2016   Gamble J and Milne S Brooke. Explorations in LEXT image and profile capture for dental enamel surface morphology.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 10: 454–463.

Other Outputs:

  • 2019    Gamble J. Life and Death in Urban Denmark.  Invited symposium presentation and publication submission for T Betsinger and S DeWitte (eds) Bioarchaeology of Urbanasation. Invited poster presentation in the Bioarchaeology of Urbanisation symposium at the 88th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 2019    Gamble J and Ferrell R. Diary of a Tooth: Harnessing the Power of Citizen Science in Bioarchaeology. Poster presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Paleopathology Association. Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Gamble J, Boldsen J, Hoppa R, and Milne B. 2018. Interactions between biological sex and frailty: Insights from laser microscopy of enamel defects. Paper presented at the 21st Congress of the European Anthropological Association, Odense, Denmark.
  • Gamble J, Eaton K, Boldsen J, Poinar H. 2018. The visible and the invisible: Identification of mycobacterial and Yersinia pestis co-infection in medieval Denmark through palaeopathology and biomolecular approaches. Poster Presentation for the 45th annual North American meeting of the Paleopathology Association, Austin, Texas.
  • Duignan SE, Gamble JA, Boldsen J, Fayek M, Hoppa RD and Halden NM. 2016. Between a rock and a hard tooth: Investigating mobility in two Medieval Danish populations using strontium isotopic analysis.  Poster Presentation at the 44th Annual Conference for the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology, Peterborough, Canada. 2016    Gamble J, Boldsen JL, Poinar H, and Eaton K.  Understanding Black Death: News from Denmark.  Invited paper accepted for the 22nd European Association of Archaeologists annual meeting.  Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Gamble J. 2016. Exploring stress thresholds through dental enamel defects and skeletal evidence for life history trade-offs in adults.  Invited paper presented at the 85th American Association for Physical Anthropology.  Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Gamble J and Milne B.  2016. Explorations in LEXT image and profile capture for dental enamel surface morphology.  Invited paper presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.  Orlando, Florida.
  • Gamble J. 2015. A bioarchaeological exploration of sex-specificity in circaseptan rhythms measured from human dental enamel. Poster Presentation at the 43rd Annual Conference for the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology, Winnipeg, Canada.