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General Requirements

The Department of Anthropology falls under the University of Manitoba Faculty of Graduate Studies and therefore follow the Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum admission requirements.

Departmental Requirements
Normally, the department does not accept students to the M.A. or Ph.D. programs who have a cumulative GPA of less than 3.5 or equivalent in the last two previous years of full time university study (60 credit hours).

The department has an expectation for applicants applying to the Master of Arts graduate degree to have majored in Anthropology in their undergraduate degree. Applicants who did not major in Anthropology will be looked at on a case by case basis for admission. Applicants with a non-Anthropology background may be recommended for acceptance into the Pre-Master’s Program.

The Department does not accept into its Ph.D. program either students with only Bachelor’s degrees, students transferring from a Master’s program or a student from a non-Anthropology background.

A student will only be considered for admission if a faculty member agrees to act as his/her advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with potential advisors ahead of time; however the Graduate Programs Committee will attempt to find a suitable advisor for those applications that do not specify a proposed advisor.


In addition to the required documents set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Department of Anthropology requires the following supporting documentation submitted on the online application website:

  1. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
    In your CV include the following information (clearly following this structural format):
            a. Educational  background
            b. Relevant  experience
            c. Publications
            d. Other professional activities
            e. Volunteer and/or community service
            f. Include dates for all activities.
  2. Statement of Intent
    In your statement of intent you should detail your study and/or research interests and reasons for seeking admission. You must identify a faculty member from the Anthropology of Department with whom you are interested in being your advisor. The length of a statement of intent should be 2 pages in length (single-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12 point)
  3. Publication/Writing Sample
    Please upload one key chapter of your master's thesis if you are applying for the Ph.D degree program.

    If you are applying for the M.A. program you will need to submit a sample of a single-authored scholarly writing. The following samples are acceptable:
       • Master's thesis
       • Research paper
       • Major paper
       • Published article
       • Book chapter
       • Conference paper

    The criteria for the publication/writing sample should include the following:
       •The writing sample must be single-authored
       •The writing sample must be academically rigorous
       •The writing sample must demonstrate quality writing - i.e., logical, clear and well written
  4. Two Academic Letters
    The academic letters should be from a university professor who has taught you in a post-secondary institution. If you are applying to the Ph.D. degree program one academic reference letter must be from your thesis advisor.
    Please note your application will not be considered submitted and it will not be reviewed by the department until the University of Manitoba has received your application fee.



Please check out the FAQ for questions about every step of the application process, and direct any questions you may have about the document submission and application process to:
        Faculty of Graduate Studies
        PH: 204-474-9377

For questions specific to the Department of Anthropology, please contact
        Madeleine Hoskins
        PH: 204-474-9361


The deadline for application submission into the M.A. or Ph.D. program is January 15.  Students who apply before this date will automatically be considered for the UMGF.


Please note the Department of Anthropology graduate program only has a start date of September.

Submission of the application form, all supporting materials and payment of application fee should be submitted by the deadline to be considered for entrance into a program beginning in the fall.

Apply Online to the Faculty of Graduate Studies


Graduate selection criteria consist of the following: (1) recommendations; (2) major subject and cumulative grade-point average; (3) objectives, experience, and interests; (4) congruence with department resources, human and physical; and (5) citizenship (Canadians and landed immigrants will be given preference).

Applications to the Ph.D. program are, in addition, judged on the basis of demonstrated research competence at the M.A. level.

The Pre-Masters program is normally reserved for students with an academic background other than anthropology. Anthropology students who do not have a four-year (Honours/Advanced B.A.) undergraduate degree or who lack a sufficient grade point average in their undergraduate degree are recommended to seek advice from the department on how to use the Special Student category to upgrade their qualifications.


Please visit the Awards and Funding page to find out what funding and award opportunities are available for you.