Undergraduate Programs

The Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media at the University of Manitoba offers a wide range of courses that cover literature from medieval England to the present, and that provide instruction in theoretical approaches and critical methods. We also offer courses in theatre, film, and creative writing. Our faculty teach and research in such areas as American, British, Canadian, and Postcolonial Literatures, direct and act in plays and films, and write and publish novels, screenplays, and poems. We not only seek to introduce students to an array of literary, filmic and dramatic genres but also to develop their own creative and interpretive capabilities. We aim to provide comprehensive historical coverage, to expand students’ writing skills, and to promote the kind of analysis and argumentation that honors the richness of our discipline.

 Degree Options:    
  • General English Major
  • Advanced English Major
  • Honours English (Single)
  • Honours English (Double)
  • English Minor
  • General Film Major
  • Advanced Film Major
  • Film Minor
  • General Theatre Major
  • Advanced Theatre Major
  • Theatre Minor

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