Graduate Programs

The Department of English invites applications for study leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.  Our program offers graduate courses over a wide range of periods, genres, and critical approaches, and it also gives M.A. students the option of doing a creative writing thesis. Our studies focus primarily on the study of English literature, but not on the English language, on linguistics, translation, mass communications or on the teaching of English.



PhD Program

Students wishing to enter the PhD program in English are required to present evidence of superior capacity and accomplishment in the field. (See below) The Master's in English is a normal requirement for admission.

The Department of English reserves the right to limit the number of entering prospective PhD candidates according to faculty and research resources. Students applying to the PhD program must have maintained at least a 3.5 average in their work at the MA level.

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MA Program

Applications for study leading to the MA in English are accepted from students holding an Honours BA in English, or its equivalent. The equivalent would normally include 60 credit hours of courses in English literature, film, or theatre, with at least 24 credit hours in periods prior to 1900. Students are strongly encouraged to take a range of courses providing coverage in the major authors and showing study at an advanced level. Applicants who lack this prerequisite will normally be directed to the Pre-MA program. Students must have a B (3.0) average in prior English studies and a B (3.0) average overall to be eligible for admission (meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance).

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Pre-MA Program

Students who have a bachelors degree in English literature and wish to undertake graduate study in English, but lack an Honours degree in English literature, may apply to enter the Pre-MA program, which is designed to allow such students to attain the equivalent of an Honours BA in English. The Pre-MA program does not provide any formal credential. Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact the graduate chair to discuss the program.

Pre-MA Program Requirements

Normally, the Pre-MA is a one-year program comprising up to thirty undergraduate credit hours in English, three of which will be from "Introduction to Critical Theory" (ENGL 2650), selected from areas not previously covered by the student.  Students with a limited background in English may be required to complete more than thirty credit hours; students with a strong background may complete the program with fewer credit hours. Nonetheless it is to be understood that the Pre-MA program is not a substitute for a degree in English literature. Since every student will have a unique background, each program will be individually established in a conference between the student and the Chair of Graduate English Studies after the student has been accepted into the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Pre-MA students are not eligible for graduate fellowships or teaching assistantships.

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For further information or enquiries regarding our graduate program, or to schedule an appointment with the Graduate Chair, students may contact our office.

Graduate Chair:  Dr. Lucas Tromly

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Department of English
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