About the Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media

As a moderate-sized department, we are able to offer M.A. and Ph.D. programs covering a wide range of periods, genres, media, and theoretical approaches. Both scholarly and creative thesis options are offered for the M.A. In addition to teaching (at all levels), publishing, writing, editing, advertising, arts management, acting and entertainment, English graduates have worked in small businesses, corporations, government, the foreign service, research and development, public relations, fund-raising, filmmaking, the National Film Board, and many other areas.

One of the major strengths of the faculty is its commitment to teaching excellence, with three of its current members having been honoured with the University’s highest teaching award, and several others having been honoured with Merit Awards, Graduate Teaching Awards, and UMSU Certificates of Teaching Excellence. In keeping with this record, graduate student teachers have also won a number of the Teaching Excellence Awards offered by the Faculty of Arts since 1994.

Fields of Research

Students are welcome to consider all areas of literary specialization: Canadian literature, American literature, prairie literature, 20th-century literature, 19th-century literature, 18th-century literature, Milton, medieval literature, film, drama, theatre, post-colonial literature and theory, modern and post-modern literature, literary and critical theory, cultural and media studies, women's writing, and creative writing.

Research Facilities

University of Manitoba Libraries have extensive holdings in literature, film studies, and theatre. The Libraries provide access to both local and remote databases. Of note are the University of Manitoba Department of Archives and Special Collections and St. John's College Library. The Department of Archives and Special Collections has an extensive holding in Canadian literature. It is particularly good in Canadian prairie literature, the Archives’ holdings including a large and growing collection of prairie literary manuscripts.

Our department benefits from close affiliations with the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities, the Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies, and the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture.

Student Groups

Graduate students are invited to join the Association of Graduate English Students (pAGES). Undergraduate students are invited to join EFTSA, the English, Film, and Theatre Students Association.  The associations, which have recently been dramatically reanimated, organize student publications, graduate colloquia, and other events. The department also operates a media lab and provides a reading room for student and faculty use.