Project Description

The Manitoba Heritage Network has been established as a project of the Manitoba Archaeological Society to provide Internet based information and services related to Manitoba's rich cultural heritage.

Objectives and Activities:

The development of an integrated WWW information and service base to:

  1. foster public awareness and knowledge of Manitoba archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography;
  2. stimulate interest and participation in the activities of participating organizations;
  3. establish and publish a broadly acceptable framework for classifying and interpreting Manitoba cultural material according to temporal and geographical categorization;
  4. coordinate the development and dissemination of detailed research, publication, and presentations undertaken by participating organizations;
  5. develop hypertext and multimedia techniques for historical reconstruction and ethnographic representation;
  6. create instructional modules suitable for inclusion in K-12 social science curricula and university anthropology, archaeology, ethnograpy, and Native studies courses.
Brian Schwimmer
Project Director and Web Site Developer

January 5, 1998

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