Departments & Programs
In order to become an Architect, City Planner, Interior Designer or Landscape Architect you must obtain a professional degree in your chosen discipline.

The Faculty of Architecture offers one undergraduate program, Bachelor of Environmental Design, which is an acceptable undergraduate degree to be considered for any of the below graduate (professional) programs. The Environmental Design program consists of two foundation years and two intermediate years in one of the following options: Architecture, Interior Environments and Landscape + Urbanism.

Students who do not already have an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a professional degree in Architecture, City Planning, Interior Design or Landscape Architecture must apply for admission to the Environmental Design Program.

Students who have an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a professional degree in Architecture can apply for admissions to the Environmental Design Program Architecture Master Preparation Option (ED AMP). All other students with an undergraduate degree pursuing a professional degree in City Planning, Interior Design or Landscape Architecture should apply directly to the Graduate Program of their choice. 

The graduate departments in the Faculty of Architecture at University of Manitoba offer five professional degrees: Master of Architecture, Master of City Planning, Master of Interior Design, Master of Landscape Architecture and Ph.D. in Planning and Design.

In order to be considered for a graduate program you must obtain a undergraduate or bachelor degree. To learn more about each graduate program, what bachelor degrees are accepted, the pre-master qualifying program and other admission requirements, please choose the desired department:
City Planning
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Ph.D. in Design and Planning

Students who have a masters degree in a planning or design discipline (architecture, planning, interior design or landscape architecture or equivalent related degree, for example, industrial design or urban design) from a recognized institution and who have met the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies will be eligible for consideration to the Ph.D. program.