Master of City Planning Program
The City Planning graduate program offers a strong general grounding in planning education enriched through local institutional and geographic contexts, and builds upon the strengths of faculty and staff.

Studio courses form the core of the curriculum. These courses engage students in work with local partners in rural communities and neighbourhoods, with the Capital Region, and with Indigenous communities. In these settings, students have the opportunity to integrate their previous education, experiences, and work knowledge with other core courses, such as planning theory, urban ecology, housing and urban revitalization, and urban development.

After their first year in the program, students generally undertake a summer internship, to gain planning work experience. As well, the independent major degree project (MDP) enables students to do research related to their own planning and design interests.

Elective courses provide graduate students in the program with the opportunity to work with other faculty and students from within the Faculty of Architecture, as well as the larger university community. Our students have forged links with the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, Engineering, Native Studies, and the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), among others. Some students have even taken elective courses at other universities.

NOTE: This list is for students admitted to the program BEFORE Fall 2017 ONLY
The program description for students admitted Fall 2017 or later CLICK HERE

Year 1 (12 credits in total)
CITY 7410 Planning Design 1 (syllabus.pdf) 6
CITY 7030 Planning Theory (syllabus.pdf) 3
CITY 7020 Planning Research Methods (syllabus.pdf) 3
CITY 7350 Thesis/Practicum Preparation (syllabus.pdf) 0
Year 2 (9 credits in total)
CITY 7340 Urban Development 3
CITY 7310  Law and Local Government (syllabus.pdf)  3
CITY 7470 Professional Planning Practice (syllabus.pdf) 3
  Sub Total 21
OPTIONS (to be distributed between Year 1 & Year 2)
Pick TWO out of FOUR Courses (6 credits in total)
ARCG 7080 Transportation and Urban Form 3
CITY 7070 Housing and Urban Revitalization (syllabus.pdf)  3
CITY 7460  Urban Ecology and Environmental Management (syllabus.pdf) 3
EVLU 4018 Principles of Urban Design (syllabus.pdf) 3
Pick TWO out of THREE Studios (12 credits in total)
CITY 7420 Planning Design 2 (syllabus.pdf) 6
CITY 7430 Planning Design 3 6
CITY 7440 Planning Design 4 (syllabus.pdf) 6
  Sub Total
(can be Faculty Electives or any 4000 level course from across campus) 6
 (register in one of the following, in consultation with Faculty Advisor)
GRAD 7000
Thesis 0
GRAD 7030 Practicum 0


Graduate Student Work


Mentorship Program

Planning Studio I 2013
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