Ph.D. Advisors
Milgrom, Richard, B.E.S., M.Arch., Ph.D., MCIP, MAA    
Associate Professor

Impacts of Urban Development / Planning and Urban Design for Social Justice My research focuses on the social impacts of urban development patterns. It addresses questions about how practices of planning and urban design have had negative impacts on the lives of communities and population, undermining their right to the city. In particular, I am interested in the roles planners and designers play in production of spaces of exclusion and segregation in processes of revitalization and gentrification.

My goal, however, is to understand how planning and design processes can enhance the development of human environments that support goals of social justice, to improve the quality of life for all inhabitants. I am seeking participatory processes that embrace the broad ranges of needs and desires within communities, and public education models that can inform debate about the future of towns, cities and regions.

I am interested in working with doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars who share a critical view of planning and urban design. My study of impacts and possible future directions is currently focused on the production of age-friendly communities, cities and regions, relating the well-being of older adults to the environments that they inhabit. However, I also welcome interests related to the accommodation of difference (age, culture, etc.) within human settlements, particularly the redevelopment of downtowns and inner cities and the transformation of suburbs.

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