Ph.D. Advisors

Eaton, Marcella, B.E.S., Ph.D.
Associate Dean (Academic) Chair, Environmental Design Program
Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture

Marcella Eaton completed her PhD in Landscape Architecture titled Philosophy and Design in Landscape Architecture in 1997. The work was an enquiry of the importance of philosophy, ethics and aesthetics to the education and practice of landscape architecture. A critical understanding of not only the discipline but also ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ is required to prepare landscape architects to lead in the collaborative, creative exercise of seeking solutions to the design of spaces for society that are appropriate today. This has led to ongoing research of culture and nature, aesthetics and ethics, and design education. She has examined ideas ranging from the structure of language to issues of representation. The fundamental questions relate to how we value the land and human/ non-human relationships in national, regional and urban contexts. Issues of global warming, traditional ecological knowledge, the environment, and multicultural values contribute to her work. She is very interested to understand why people love spaces and how design can contribute to the creation of meaningful environments.

Eaton’s has also worked with Alan Tate on both volumes of Great City Parks, in the interview process and photography.

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Perron, P. Richard, B.S.C., M.N.R.M., Ph.D.

Ecological approaches to Landscape Urbanism

Fundamentally I am interested in ecological urban architecture. This is on the one hand about researching ideals and ideas as well as researching tools and implementation strategies. The work is described in terms of landscape urbanism because of a focus upon the large scale (macro or regional) of the investigations.2 I am interested in how to design affective ecological urban infrastructure (infrastructures that are designed to sustain life and are resilient to the demands of the urban condition). To this end I am also interested in the ways in which questions are posed, and the trajectories of the discourses (such as the scientific movements or ecological perspectives that are influencing design thinking). I am interested in working with Ph.D. students on projects that might be characterized as follows:

  • Case study research on building green infrastructure.
  • Designing resilient urban ecological environments, specifically in terms of flood events.
  • Examining how perspectives on nature (how emerging schools of ecology and environmental thought) influence design thinking and approaches to landscape urbanism.

"The meditation on the object takes the form of the project.” Bachelard

Schröper, Thomas, Ecological Urban Architecture, Birkhauser, Basel, 2012.

Lenne, Frédéric, Le Grand Pari(s): Consultation internationale sur l’anenir de la metropole Parisienne, Group Moniteur , Paris, 2009

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Tate, Alan, B.A.(Hon) Dip.L.D., Ph.D., CSLA, PPLI
Head and Professor

The principal area of my research, publication and dissemination over the last twenty-five years has been urban or city parks. This is the one area in which I claim a particular expertise.

Other areas of interest covered by my research and teaching include:

  • planning and design of urban parks
  • urban morphology and public space
  • history of landscape architecture in the western world
  • professional practice of landscape architecture

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