Lindsay Mamchur & Hanna Hendrickson-Rebizant
Marville, Les Deux-Portes

Photography and the Built Environment: the Summer Research Project is the product of Hanna Hendrickson-Rebizant and Lindsay Mamchur’s Undergraduate Research Awards. Hanna and Lindsay spent the summer under the mentorship of Dr. Susan Close. They were research assistants for Photography and the Built Environment, a book in progress by Dr. Close. As assistants, they had the opportunity to learn about developing a literature review, writing research analysis, designing a website, and investigating copyright permission for images used in both the book and the website.

Both students were assigned several photographers to research. In this lecture, they will briefly introduce some of these photographers including Anthony Haughey, Donovan Wylie, Candida Höfer and Robert Adams. In an open discussion, Hanna and Lindsay will examine relationships between the works through shared themes like surveillance, settlement and framing and suggest strategies for reading photographs.

The presentation will seek to foster a greater interest in the University of Manitoba’s Undergraduate Research Award, in the subjects of Hanna, Lindsay and Dr. Close’s research and in the upcoming book.

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Lindsay Mamchur is an ED3 Landscape and Urbanism student at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture. Lindsay received an undergraduate research award to work with Dr. Susan Close this past summer. Lindsay is exploring documentarians like Eugène Atget, photographers that capture and comment on their socio-political context like Robert Adams, and artist photographers that exemplify a Renaissance sensibility in their fusion of art and science like Abelardo Morell. Lindsay is learning the versatility of the medium and enjoying it greatly. Through this research, Lindsay has found herself becoming more interested in the different ways photographers have historically and currently conceive the role of photography. Her passion for history and growing curiosity for critical theory and philosophy are encouraging this discovery.

Hanna Hendrickson-Rebizant is an ED4 Architecture student at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture. Hanna received an undergraduate research award to work with Dr. Susan Close this past summer. Her research surrounds issues and agency, as well as surveillance in architecture and border conflicts. She has primarily been researching Irish photographers whose work shed light on the various conflicts surrounding the Irish border. Hanna hopes to apply her research findings to her career in an effort to make spaces safer, more inclusive and more enjoyable overall.

Image: Marville, Charles. Les Deux-Portes. 1865. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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