Heidi Painchaud
Heidi Painchaud
Interior Design is a cumulative science and art. The process we follow as designers is a step by step exploration leading to a conclusion, that if done correctly can transform both business and quality of life. Our careers are also a sum of experiences and lessons that begins the day we graduate. I will be sharing an overview of a healthy client process and my biggest lessons learned along the way.

Heidi is a U of M BID graduate from 1994.  She has had extensive experience in LA, Calgary and Toronto, where she currently is a Partner at IN Design Studio.  Her experience ranges from small to large commercial interiors, select residential, retail, large integrated mixed use commercial developments, spa facilities, medical offices, hospitals, government office, as well as sports and entertainment facilities. In addition to her involvement with the Dupont advisory council – a future think tank of chosen industry professionals – Heidi co-authored a future-proofing workshop seminar entitled Design Changes Peoples' Lives, and has spoken extensively on design, process, and the business of design. Heidi's work has been featured in such publications as Business Week, Time, Interior Design, Azure and Canadian Interiors. She has her own furniture line that has been in production since 2002.   Heidi has also served on the ARIDO Board. Finally Heidi also has written a book on Designing Your Business: Professional Practices for Interior Designers geared towards Interior Designers starting their own firms.

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Dale Henwood Lecture
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
2:30 PM | Victoria Inn
1808 Wellington Ave.
Winnipeg, MB

Heidi Painchaud

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