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Has the natural almost ceased to exist? Research indicates that there are few pristine landscapes untouched by the impact of human activity, and that impact is also evident in the oceans and in the air we breath. Yet we are hard-wired to nature and natural forces that replenish us spiritually and stimulate our fundamental sense of survival. The language of nature is immediately accessible, evocative, sensual and profound, especially in the city. ‘Green infrastructure, on the other hand, means little to those outside the planning system; a phrase coined to give a sense of engineering metric to the underlying desire to ‘green’.

Landscape architect Johanna Gibbons will explore how her practice develops design and critical engagement strategies to connect city communities with natural processes, the urban forest and what lies beneath their feet. Second Nature alludes to intuitive and strategic action research in London at a time when the re-wilding and climate change agendas are converging.


Johanna Gibbons is a Landscape Architect, founding Partner of J & L Gibbons established in 1986 and is Director of Landscape Learn a new prototype for learning and engaging with the landscape. Jo studied Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. She is a Fellow of the Landscape Institute and serves on several design advisory panels including Historic England, The Forestry Commission and HS2. Jo’s expertise concerns heritage, green infrastructure and urban regeneration and she leads on collaborative cross-disciplinary practice at a strategic and local level. Her design practice with Neil Davidson is award winning, and together they are collaborating with Kings College London and Nomad Projects on Urban Mind, real-time research on how city living affects wellbeing. She is external examiner at University of Edinburgh and her recently exhibited work includes ‘Urbanistas’ celebrating innovative women in urban design.

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Cultural Events
Friday, March 10, 2017
Marshall McLuhan Hall
Rm 204, Unviersity Centre
University of Manitoba