Wide Format Scanning
Scanning is only available to Faculty of Architecture students and staff.

Models and Sizing

CADLab has two wide format scanners, the Contex HD Ultra, and the KIP 3000.

The Contex can scan sheets in colour up to 42" wide (can fit media up to 44").  It is located in room 130 Architecture 2 and is self-service.

The KIP can scan sheets in black & white up to 36" wide.  It is part of the KIP wide format printer and is only operated by CADLab staff.


The Contex is available 24/7 and the KIP is available only during office hours.  Normally there is little or no wait to use the scanner, but occasionally there is a rush of people all wanting to use it at the same time. 

In order to handle as many people as efficiently as we can, the scanner is available by reservation only during peak times.


There is a whiteboard in room 130 where you can reserve a 30 minute period to use the scanner.  You can reserve a maximum of two 30-minute periods per day.


Both scanners are sheet fed, meaning that your materials are loaded and moved through the scanner using rollers.


Not all materials are suitable for this type of scanner.  Loose materials, pastels, or anything that can smear or is abrasive is not suitable for use in the scanner.  Doing so may cause damage to the scanner or your materials.

Due to the way a sheet fed scanner works, very fine scratches and dust particles will leave long thin streaks on the resulting image.  This is inherent to all sheet fed scanners.  They do not produce the same high quality image as a flat bed scanner.