Software List
Program: Available From: Price:
Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc) Adobe (Select "Students and Teachers") USD $19.99/month
Atlas.ti Scientific Software Development

USD $51 (6 month)
USD $99 (2 year)

Autodesk - AutoCAD, Revit, 3dsmax, and more Autodesk Education Free
Enscape Enscape Free
ESRI ArcGIS Pro Architecture - CADLab Free
Microsoft Office UofM IST - Office 365 Free
Microsoft Windows 10 UofM - Azure Portal Free
NVivo Architecture - CADLab Free
Resolume Arena 7 Architecture - CADLab Free (limited time loan)
Rhinoceros 3D UofM Bookstore $279.99 one time
Sketchup Free Trimble
Sketchup Studio Trimble USD $55 (1 year)
SPSS Statistics Base GradPack 27 UofM Bookstore $54.99 (6 month)
$89.99 (1 year)
Vectorworks Vectorworks Inc. Free
VMWare Architecture - CADLab Free

Prices and availability are subject to change.

NOTE: Not all software is required by every student. Check your program requirements.

Last Update 2021-02-08